Ian is delighted to be playing Ray in ' The Last Rite '. Directed by Leroy Kincaid.  UK release in 2022.

  • A couple of brilliant performers (Ian Macnaughton and Mark Keegan) made this melancholy tale one to remember. · Kate Wilson, katejwilson.com

  • Ian Macnaughton as Polonius is perfect as the fussy father and cringing sycophant kowtowing to the King and Queen. · Heather Jeffery, pubtheatres1.tumblr.com

  • ... particular stand-outs .... Ian MacNaughton as Berlin, giving the impression of wrestling with both international and personal conflicts. · John Riley, dschjournal.com

Ian Macnaughton Film Actor,

"Ian brings much more to a role than what's on the page. A committed and intelligent actor requiring little if any direction, and a pleasure to work with".

Graham Gunner, film maker

"I have worked with Ian and can recommend him as a fine and dedicated performer"

Rob Inglis, Writer/director/Actor, Musical Flying Squad

"Ian is a very dependable actor. In the ensemble comedy Let's Talk About It! that i directed, he participated wholeheartedly with the entire team, rehearsing with everyone in the green room and in his free time. He is very focused and is a tireless actor. Arriving way ahead of time he ensured that he participated enthusiastically even when he had to feed lines. I would recommend Ian".

Deepti Ghatge, film Maker